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How does solar work?

Solar power uses Photovoltaic Cells to capture the sun’s energy in the form of DC energy; this is converted via a solar inverter to AC energy, which is used in your home.

Your inverter is wired into your main switchboard where the AC energy is utilised in your home first, and if any excess energy is available, it will be sent to the grid in exchange for a ‘feed-in tariff’.

If a battery is utilised on the home, the excess energy will be stored for night time use as opposed to being sold to the grid.

  • Step 1

    Consultation and Design Process

    One of our solar technicians will come out to your home to access your roof and switchboard. They will better understand your power bills and usage and tailor the correct system to your electricity usage.

    Our engineers and compliance team will go over all the designs and technical data to ensure the system is safe to install and has everything needed to save you instantly.

  • Step 2

    Application is Processed

    Your account manager and their team will take care of your application from start to finish.

  • Step 3


    Have your system installed within 2-4 weeks of processing your application. The system will be up within one day or two days if you have a more extensive system installation.

  • Step 4


    We will get the approval to get the solar connected and submit all necessary paperwork to connect to the grid. Any documents that your electricity provider requires can be sent to our team to fill them out.

  • Step 5

    After-sale care

    In need of technical support or have a few questions, our team are always available to assist in any situation.

  • 1Solar panels convert sunlight to DC electricity.
  • 2The inverter converts DC electricity to AC.
  • 3The AC electricity goes through a meter and switchboard before being distributed throughout your home.
  • 4Store electricity to use in your home.
  • 5The battery can be used to store excess power for later use.
  • 6Extra energy is sent back to the grid.

We promise to always provide the best warranties for the products we sell, offering up to 25 years performance warranty and 12 years product warranty.

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